Hankematkaraportti maaliskuu 2015

Project visit report                                                                      7.5.2015

Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility (FiPSR)

Finnish Arab Friendship Society (FAFS)

In cooperation with Beit Atfal Assumoud


Sirkku Kivistö, 6.3.-24.3.2015

Marja Winter 15-22.3.2015

Aulikki Ansamaa 6.3.-14.3. 2015

Leila Heinonen 6.3.-14.3.2015

Hanna Leinonen 15.3.-24.3.2015


Ongoing projects reviewed


FiPSR projects:

”Mental health services for refugee children in South Lebanon” (Ministry code 85202503, 2014-2016), assistance for BAS 135480 €

”Services for Palestinian children with multiple special needs and their families in Lebanon” (Ministry code 85202501, 2013-2015), assistance for BAS 93660 €.

In financial department with auditor, Mr Raghid Al Adass we checked the draft financial and audit reports concerning the year 2014. Then the reports were sent to the Finnish accountant and auditor for closing the accounts.

The project budgets 2015 were checked with lead team in FGC Beirut. We noticed some needs for budget amendment including the transfers from 2014 to 2015. The amended budgets are currently (2.5.2015) waiting the acceptance of the Ministry. Then mental health project coordinator Ms Liliane Younes introduces them in the financial department.

During 2015 we start two-year cooperation with Santé Sud, French NGO. Santé Sud has planned with NISCVT trainings for FGC staff. FiPSR co-financies the training. The costs must be allocated partly to several projects (also FAFS project in the North). The budget plan will be prepared with director of Santé Sud, Ms Sara Cheiab.

The study concerning the children in special schools 2013-2019 (n=49) is finalized (Badaro Taha & al. 2015)

Visits to FGC Saida 9.3.2015 and FGC El-Buss 13.3. and 22.3.2015.

Discussions with the external evaluator Dr Aziza Khalidi about the baseline report, which is under finalizing process.

Participation in the Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance conference 20.3.2015 in AUB, Beirut to get updated background information.

Continuation project planning started

”Services for Palestinian children with multiple special needs and their families in Lebanon II” must be delivered in the Ministry 13.5.2015.

FiPSR has decided to plan a project based on 12000 annual self-financing share (14 individual sponsors/sponsoring groups). Thus, for disabled project it is possible to apply state funding for 138 000 €, and the annual total costs are 150 000 €. The lead team proposed to focus support on special school education, for about 60 -80 children, depending on the price level of special institutions and the currency changes in euro. Finnish Foreign Ministry stresses, that the state does not finance pure service delivery, there must always be an important development aspect in the project, which promotes the defined development. The study (Badaro Taha et al. 2015) will serve the project planning.

In order to “place the project” in the Lebanese-Palestinian context we visited WHO Lebanon and UNRWA Lebanon office. Both agencies were asked to give background information and a statement how this kind of cooperation will be helpful for the targeted population, children with multiple special needs. Dr Alissar Rady promised to discuss the issue in the Agency.

Barbara Boekhoudt (Psychosocial Support Coordinator) and Brooke Winterburn (Disability Inclusion Coordinator) delivered documents about the disability program of UNRWA, and they are also asked to give a statement for the project planning.


FAFS project:

“Mental health services for children in Northern refugee camps in Lebanon” (Ministry code 85201601, 2014-2016) assistance for BAS 172000 €.

We checked the financial and audit reports in financial department with auditor, Mr Raghid Al Adass, and after finishing them, the reports were sent to the Finnish accounting and audit procedure. With mental health program lead team we discussed about this year´s budget. We decided some amendments, and the application is waiting for acceptance in Ministry (2.5.2015). In the North, especially in Nahr el-Bared there is not full staff available, even psychiatrist is not available.

17.3. Fatima Khaizaran, Dr Hind Shaarawi, Marja Winter and Sirkku Kivistö gave feedback to the social workers about the survey which they responded to last December. Also Marja Winter told about the review of 37 sponsored children´ annual reports. The session was held in Mar Elias Center. The discussion was very lively. There will be a presentation of the survey in Mental health conference. Social workers are in core position in the inter sectoral approach in mental health, which is the conference theme this year.

19.3. we visited FGCs Beddawi and Nahr el-Bared -camps and discussed with social workers about the situation. They have to adapt to work in incomplete team setting, but they see the needs of the project and want to continue. Presentation how they collect the activity data was amazing; several notebooks in good order and the variables clearly marked. Social workers told that they have collected children´ stories by storycrafting method. We told to Hanan Dabdoub, contact person for storycrafting, about the stories.

In the North we introduced to the teams and centers Ms Marja Winter, who is the new member in the Finnish project team. She is also sponsor for one KG-child, whom she met in Nahr el-Bared.


Other meetings

23.3.2015 we had an opportunity to meet the Ambassador of the Finnish Embassy, Matti Lassila, and tell him about our NGO work for Palestinians in Lebanon. During the visit (12.2.) we also met the honorary consul of Finland in Lebanon, Mr Zafer Chaoui.

The sponsors Aulikki Ansamaa and Leila Heinonen met the sister group of Solidarity Stitches in Baalbeck and delivered the knitwear donated from Finland.  They also visited three sponsored Elderly people on behalf of their Finnish sponsors. Aulikki and Leila also met their sponsored children in Saida. During the visit we already planned the evening in Finland, which was held to the sponsors and other interested audience in Helsinki 26.3.2015.

During the visit we met 6 sponsored children with MSN and 2 children of Family Happiness –program, 1 kindergarten child, 3 sponsored elderly persons and several of their parents and relatives.


Badaro Taha Madeleine, Bresse Pauline, Kivistö Sirkku, Younes Liliane (2015) Children with Multiple Special Needs in the Palestinian Community in Lebanon: “Clinical Profile and Need Assessment Study” A project implemented by the National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training, Beit Atfal Assumoud, 2013-2014.Financed by Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Beirut, Lebanon

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Beit Atfal Assumoud for the cooperation and good time together.


Day by day program

6.3.2015 Departure  of Sirkku Kivistö, Aulikki Ansamaa and Leila Heinonen from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and arrival in Beirut at 23.20.

7.3.Sat Main office,Shatila,Beirut
Delivery of knitwear and presents in the main office and mail from sponsors to the sponsorship program coordinator Ms Fatima Khaizaran. Shortly visiting Shatila center to plan the program. Meeting at 12.30 with Dir. Kassem Aina and Fatima Khaizaran, planning the program of the visit of Sirkku Kivistö, Aulikki Ansamaa and Leila Heinonen.
Lunch with Kassem Aina

8.3.Sun Beirut Shatila
Following the children´s activities in Shatila center. Sirkku met her sponsored child.
9.3. Mon SaidaFGC
8:30 to Saida. Aulikki and Leila met the sponsored children and their sisters, Sirkku the sponsored child of Vantaa Peace Group and her sister.

Followed the activity day of the group (18) of girls with special needs who were with their teacher having an activity day in FGC.

Imad Mazen Abdulla, a volunteer, presented the Comics activity, which he is responsible for in the center. We got some comics to Finland, and Mr Leif Packalen made a blog of the material


We met also Ms Noura Yasin, mother of late sponsored child Ahmad Yasin.

Met shortly also mother of Elias Awad.

Director Ibtissam Khalil was interviewed about the activity report 2014.

10.3.Tue Baalbeck,Shatila
8.30 Aulikki and Leila visited the Baalbeck center and celebrated the International Women´s Day there with the knitting group. In addition, they visited 3 sponsored elderly persons and met one who is waiting the sponsor. Fatima Khaizaran and Layal Hakim from Main office followed the trip.

8.15 Sirkku followed one hour the Nursery program in Shatila center and discussed with Jamile Shehade about some children.

9.30 Sirkku in a meeting in financial department with Mr Diab Kassem about the financial reports 2014 and about the budget of continuation (2016-2018) project for MSN-project.

14:00 The financial reports were checked with auditor, Mr Raghid Al Adass.

17:30 Sirkku meeting with Dr Aziza Khalidi, the external evaluator of FiPSR and FAFS FGC-projects.


6:00 preparing the documents for the meeting in FGC Beirut.

10:00 meeting with Fatima Khaizaran, checked the sponsorship lists, prepared the feedback session of sponsorship survey for social workers at Mar Elias center (17.3.2015) with Dr Hind.

12:00 Meeting in FGC Beirut, Dr Madeleine, Liliane, Sirkku and Sarah Cheiab from Santé Sud. First the training and capacity building program for FGC staff was discussed. Finnish NGOs support the training by partial compensation of the training days for the participants.

Decided, that Sirkku prepares the project budgets (FiPSR and FAFS), coordinators take a look at them, and if amendments are needed, Sirkku contacts the Ministry. Payment request by BAS to FiPSR and FAFS after this procedure.

The study of children with MSN, progress in special schools 2013-2014 is in finalizing stage by Dr Madeleine. The study results are important for the continuation project plan.

Social workers Manal and Hanan mentioned about their work division concerning the home visits.

Hanan Dabdoub told that only Jamal Abou Saleh is interested in storycrafting activity. Hanan has not had time to prepare the Storycrafting booklet with Jamal.

Liliane informed about specialist feed/hour: psychiatrist 40 USD, psychologists over 5 years 25 USD, psychologist under 5 years 20 USD, psychomotor therapist, speech therapist, special educator 15 USD.

17:30 Sirkku, Leila and Aulikki participated  in the donors meeting invitation of Ms Heli Uusikylä, deputy director of UNRWA Lebanon in the UN house. Secretary General Pierre Krähenbühl told about the work of UNRWA in Syria, and also in Lebanon. We offered to Mr Krähenbühl the list of the projects of FiPSR and FAFS in Lebanon and occupied Palestine and told that we assist in children´s mental health program. We also met Ms Liisa Maunula from Finnish Embassy.

12.3. Thu Beirut,Shatila,Sacre Coeur-church
7:00 Sirkku prepared the first draft for MSN continuation project.

13:00 Shatila, all of us, visited the families of two sponsored children with MSN together with social workers Jamile Shehadeh and Zuhour Akkawi.

19:00  Concert: Choir of Barytons, invitation by Finnish Embassy, honorary consulate and Finnish Institute in Middle East, in Sacre Coeur –church. We attended with Fatima Khaizaran and Layal Hakim, and met Ms Liisa Maunula and Ms Heli Uusikylä.

13.3.Fri El-Buss, Tyre

8:30 to FGC El-Buss, where we met one sponsored child thorugh FAFS. Discussions with social workers Sihame Abdul Hamid and Rita Darbasani about working model of El-Buss, mothers´committee “From mother to mother”, preparations for Autism month (April 2015), updated the information about three children with MSN going to special schools, reproductive health program, about cooperation with Handicap International (HI). With Director Khawla Khalaff discussion was about the Methodology Guide, which is under preparations, summing up the experience of FGC El-Buss.

17:00 planning with Aulikki and Leila the meeting in Finland 26.3.2015, drafted event program.
14.3.Sat, Beirut,Main office and Shatila
7:00 Departure of Aulikki and Leila

8:00 Sirkku preparing the financial report papers

9:30 received audit reports, got information for the new project plan from Mr Diab Kassem and Mr Samer Nasser. The reports were sent to accountant Jarno Häkkinen, Finland.

13:00 Shatila, followed the preparations of the youth group (13) for two days trip to Debbiye, invited by Ms Malak Nimer.

15:00 visit to the late Taker El Sayed´s family in Shatila.


Following the activities in Shatila center, preparations for Mothers´Day  Discussion with director of the center, Jamile Shehadeh and social workers.

Marja Winter arrived in Beirut 5:55 pm

Meeting at 9.30 in FGC Beirut.

10:00 meeting in WHO Lebanon, Sirkku Kivistö, Marja Winter, Hanna Leinonen and Liliane Younes with Dr Alissar Rady and Ms Edwina Zoghby in WHO office. Liliane Younes gave a short presentation of the work of BAS and Sirkku Kivistö told about the MSN –project. Dr Rady told us about the work and role (impartial capacity builder) of WHO in the area. It was agreed that also in the future, the project reports will be sent to WHO and that WHO could provide BAS and the project information about mental health care situation of Palestinians in Lebanon.

11:00 Family Guidance Center Beirut, intern of psychology Hanna Leinonen, Marja Winter and Sirkku Kivistö. Discussion with Liliane Younes about the program of the week.

12:00 BAS Beirut main office. Introduction round, Hanna and Marja getting to know the staff working in the main office. Planning the presentations and translations for the workshop with social workers together with Fatima Khaizaran and Dr. Hind Shaarawi. The elderly sponsorship program was introduced to  Dr. Shaarawi

17.3 Tue, Beirut
9:00-12:00 in Mar Elias center, Sirkku Kivistö and Marja Winter. Workshop with social workers about the sponsorship survey with Fatima Khaizaran and Dr Hind Shaarawi, feedback from review of the progress reports of Family Happiness –project. There was lively discussion throughout the day and we were actively getting input and feedback from the social workers. The results of the day will also be shared with sponsors in Finland.

After the workshop we were taken around in Mar Elias -camp by the social workers. We also paid a visit to UNRWA office in the camp.

17:00 meeting with Dr Aziza Khalidi. We discussed about the progress of the external evaluation reports of the Northern FGCs.

18.3.Wed, Beirut
In the morning in the Main office. Sirkku was working with the other staff members with several smaller tasks. Marja and Hanna were introduced to the work and history of BAS by the information officer Hanan Masri. Ms. Masri was giving us a lot of important information to be used in the project planning as well.

12:00 meeting in FGC Beirut. Marja Winter, Sirkku Kivistö, Dr Madeleine Badaro Taha, Liliane Younes, part of the time also Ms Sara Cheiab, chief of Santé Sud project in Lebanon. We discussed the cooperation in staff training with Santé Sud, checked the budgets 2015 of the ongoing projects and discussed about the continuation of MSN project for the years 2016-2018.

19.3.Thu, North
First we visited Beddawi center and FGC. Discussions with social workers Dalal Shahrour and Sonia Issa who told us about their work and showed us how they collect data about the patients. We also had a short meeting with psychologist Layal Rahal and Hanna interviewed her about her work and methods treating the patients. We were also taken around in the center: dental clinic, kindergarten, FGC etc.

In Nahr el-Bared center Marja and Hanna visited KG-classes and Marja’s KG sponsored child and her mother. We were taken around in the center by the Leader of the Northern camps, Abdullah Barake who was accompanying us the whole day in the north. We had a meeting and discussion about the FGC work with social workers Labiba Abdel Raheem and Hala El Sayed. Social workers have collected children’s stories by storycrafting method. FGC Nahr el-Bared did not have a psychiatrist in the team during the time of the visit, recruitment is difficult.

Social worker Maryam took us around to see the camp and its reconstruction progress.
20.3.Fri, Beirut
Marja and Sirkku participated in the Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance conference in AUB. Poster of El-Buss center about task shifting was available. Ms Zahraa Beydoun presented interestingly the situation of non-enrolment at school among PRS youth. We were promised to give her presentation to the Finnish Embassy, which finances some educational activities of BAS in South Lebanon camps. In the evening, we participated in the reception of the conference where there were music and dance performances by BAS youth and children group.

21, Sat Beirut, Shatila
Marja, Sirkku and Hanna spent the day in Shatila center the camp area. Center leader Jamila told us about the center and its activities and took us around. Together with Jamila we joined the celebration of Mothers´Day in KG classes and Children´s Day in PRS remedial class. With Jamila and social worker Zuhour we visited two families living in the Shatila camp and this way we could see how the sponsorship program works and how the social workers took into consideration the varying needs of all the family members. One of the families had a Finnish sponsor.

22 Sun, El-Bus
Marja Winter departed in the morning. With Hanna we went to El-Buss center to after-conference visit. The mother´s committee “From mother to mother” presented the plans for Autism month April in Tyre and mothers´ addresses to local decision makers. They have also proposed that children should have medical card to get service by lower price. Every staff member presented their work to the guests. Also Dr Aziza Khalidi attended this mini-conference.

In the evening we were invited to dinner in Dr Najla Bashour´ (chairperson of BAS) house. Hanna promised to contact Helsinki University, early education department and put them in contact with Dr Najla, who is interested in the Finnish education system.

23 Mon

Last tasks delivered in Main office with Rania Khartabil, Fatima Khaizaran, Hanan Masri. Meeting in FGC Beirut with Liliane Younes, Manal Abu Sheik and Hanan Dabdoub. Meeting with Barbara Boekhoudt (Psychosocial Support Coordinator) and Brooke Winterburn (Disability Inclusion Coordinator) of UNRWA.

Meeting with Dr Aziza Khalidi about the evaluation report.
Departure from Beirut Tuesday 24 at 7 am

This report is written to the project documents archive, to Beit Atfal Assumoud, to the Ministry and to some partners who share the assistance for mental health program of BAS.